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Our hospital offers examinations and completion of the following health certificates:

The re-entry requirements of dogs into the United States has changed to it is essential that any owners planning on leaving and returning to the United States with their dog(s) be aware of the new requirements: 

ALL dog requirements
·      At least 6 months of age of entry or return to the United States
·      Have an ISO-compatible microchip (ISO standard frequency is 134.2 kHz-not all US microchips have that frequency and will not be detected by a non-universal ISO microchip scanner)
·      Microchip must be implemented before any required rabies vaccination
·      Appears healthy upon arrival to the United States
·      Have a CDC Import Form Receipt (
Additional documentation may be required depending on the location of the dog in the 6 months prior to entering the United States or if the dog has a current rabies vaccine administered in the United States.
High-risk countries for dog rabies:
Veterinary Certification Requirements:
·      Double-check age of dog and ensure dog is at least 6 months of age on date of return to the US
·      Ensure microchipping occurred prior to any required rabies vaccination
·      If at least 84 days of age, (12 weeks), have USDA-accredited vaccine with US-licensed vaccine which cannot be administered prior to microchip implantation
Ensure the rabies vaccine will be valid for the duration of your travel.

List of high-risk countries for canine varian of rabies:

List of approved rabies titer testing laboratories:

List of CDC-registered animal care facilities:

US Vaccinated Dogs From A High-Risk CountryUS Vaccinated Dogs from a Non-High Risk Country

Foreign vaccinated dogs in high risk countryForeign vaccinated dogs in non high risk country